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ABEN has manufactured parts for turbo engines, automatic switches, pumps, pipe fittings, microwave and wireless telephone stations, transmitters, airplane bearings, parts to satellite fittings and connectors, parts for generators and parts that are used in ink-jet and laser printers.

ABEN has gone into production of hundreds of parts to manufacturing a single prototype in its initial testing phase. They work hard to meet our deadlines and the promised delivery dates.

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"Aben Machine Products is a rapidly growing company that is constantly upgrading our software and machinery to keep up with the needs of today.

For this reason, we contacted CEAwebs to upgrade our website to go hand in hand with our technology.

CEAwebs filled ABEN needs to publicize our work.

Thank you for a good job CEAwebs!"

Esdras Giron

Argo Chemicals

Argo Chemical, Inc. manufactures, wholesales and retails industrial chemicals to industrial manufacturers, food processors, oil refineries, wineries, power generation facilities and a variety of other industries in Kern County and Central California.

In an ever-increasing cost-and-service-conscious marketplace, Argo Chemical responds quickly to the needs of our clients and customizes its services and product lines to assist them in streamlining and making their operations more efficient.

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Photography has been my longest passion. I love capturing and freezing a moment in life, with the intention of making it a perpetual memory that would transcend decades and generations to come.... Throughout the years and experience in life, I have come to the conclusion that love and passion are the strongest forces that move the world. I have many loves in life, I love God and every representation of His love through nature. It amazes me every time I see the beauty in life, the ever changing body of a mother during pregnancy, the way her eyes glow, the way her body changes with curvatures that only represent joy and love! We are truly and wonderfully made!!!

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CEAphotoghapy.com is the website we created for our photography services.

Please visit it to see our High Definitions photographies.