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To have a website for your business in today’s world is no longer just an option but a necessity. If you still wondering if you need one, just look at the numbers from Cyber Monday 2013, an increase of 50% compare to 2012.

CEAwebs is here to help you obtain your store front website with PayPal integration! We can work with any budget assuring you a high quality website for your needs.


CEAservices.us is a fictitious website that was designed as an example of how CEAwebs can create a dynamic website with integration with PayPal.

Although it is a fictional website, it is fully functional.

The information is taken from a database and the “add to cart” buttons add products to PayPal shopping cart.

"Please, do not order anything because you will be charged."

Click on the image to visit: http://www.ceawebs.net/CS/